This is what happens when you realize your twentieth birthday is less than two months away. You panic. You think of all the things you said you would do in your teen years and you realize you did less than half of them. You realize twenty is a pretty big number. You realize you have lived through two decades, and you only have two more twenties left…three if you’re lucky. But over and above all, you realize that you’re an adult, and you can’t use teenage adolescence as an excuse anymore, because after nineteen, everyone stops counting and then you’re just an adult.

With the mindset of an adult, you start to reflect, you reflect on the things you did, the things you said, the friends you lost, the people you hurt. Then it hits you…none of it was worth it. Not the nights you spent writing bad poetry about that boy who never bothered to learn your name, not the fight that cost you a really good friend, and not the hours of silent treatment you gave your mother because she said a truth you didn’t want to hear. It also hits you that you have to take responsibility for everything you did as a “kid”, because you really don’t want to drag “baby baggage” into your adult life.

So this is the time…two months before your twentieth birthday. Make amends, take back every nasty comment you made, make up for all your fall-outs, send out an apology to that one person you know you really owe it to.Do all those things you’d said you’d do. Make peace with who you’ve been for the last nineteen years, it’s the first step towards becoming a great adult.