We’re out of the blogging challenge now and we’re reverting to normal post mode so I thought maybe I should reacquaint myself with you. Here goes nothing.

  1. I started smiling at three weeks old. Or so says my baby card.
  2. I’m a Virgo. September 6, pencil it into your diaries.
  3. I fell off a moving car when I was seven. Then I got up and chased after said car.
  4. I broke my leg at 6 months old. Allegations are it was my sister’s fault but she maintains her innocence.
  5. I can’t eat beetroot because the colour makes me dizzy. I don’t know how it happens, it just does.
  6. I’m an animal lover to the death. I have had 7 dogs. I had adopted a few cats back in Lusaka and I really hope someone is feeding them while I am away and I will get a rabbit one day.
  7. If teaching paid fairly, that would have been my career of choice. I love sharing knowledge y’all and I love learning and I hope one day I can fulfil my teaching dream.
  8. I talk to myself more times than I am woman enough to admit.
  9. I speak pretty decent Sesotho: I taught myself from TV. Even added a bit of accent for just.
  10. I made my first TV appearance at age 12. A minister had come to our school for prize giving day and guess who was accepting the best student prize? This gal here.
  11. I got my driver’s license on attempt number 15. I’m still a crappy driver though.
  12. I have an incredibly strong memory. It’s more encyclopedic than photographic. I can almost recall any conversation to the word. However, I can never remember directions to anywhere.
  13. I have never been on a train or a horse.
  14. I am deathly terrified of escalators. I need someone to hold my hand when I go up or down one. Escalators are death traps.
  15. Numbers confuse me. My sister is a numbers wizard. I on the other hand sometimes do not add well. Long division made me cry when I was 8 and I remember crying more recently as I was doing a budget for a production. Cried. Actual tears. I do have O’Level Maths though guys. Got a B on my first attempt. Look at God.
  16. I am yet to fall in love. Listen I know sis is old but it’s true. I have liked people very much and I have cared about them. But I have never been in love. So universe, do your thang.
  17. I am faster on paper than on keyboard. It’s so much easier to think when you’re putting pencil to paper than when are putting finger to keyboard to screen to space bar..it’s a lot guys.
  18. I used to sell terrible poetry in primary school. It was my sister’s idea. I got caught, she didn’t. 🙄
  19. When my breasts first started growing, I was convinced I had Breast Cancer. I was at a boarding school and my dad had to come and pick me up and take me to the doctor. Doctors sadly do not cure puberty.
  20. I’m the jokester in nearly all my friend groups. Nobody believes this however because a lot of people buy into this “serious as death” thing that I have going on, which I equally love by the way.
  21. I am very awkward around new people. I have patted a human being on the head more than once.
  22. In retrospect,I may have fallen into a depression when I was 14 but I just didn’t know that’s what it was. There was a lot of sadness and crying and not wanting to be a part of anything. Or maybe that was just puberty.
  23. I am newly allergic to chocolate. But nobody can stop reggae. if I die, I die.
  24. I cannot fall asleep without socks on. I don’t care how hot it is, no socks, no sleep.
  25. I cried when Hillary Clinton lost the US election. I was so invested in it. I remember I was interning at Sunday News at the time. The office TV was on CNN and when they announced that she had conceded, I got up and went to the bathroom to cry.
  26. In high school, I never had a song book or autobook or…that book. I think in my teenage head, that was my idea of rebelling against the system.
  27. I have had the same phone number for 11 years. This is my second sim card…ever. The first one was a Netone Contract line that my dad gave me in 2007 then he took it away in 2009 because I was over using it and I needed to learn to buy my own airtime😒.
  28. I have lived in the same house for 21 years. And the way this country is set up, I might be here for another 21 years😂😂.
  29. I have never watched a single Star Wars movie and that is a shame that I carry with me every single day. I will watch the movies though. I’ll do a marathon like i did with the MCU movies.
  30. Finally, I watch Titanic twice every year and it still as good as it was the first time.
Picture by Corey Chipeta