I’ve been trying to figure out who to put on this list. The reason is there are so many male celebrities and they are all so beautiful, and it’s unfair that I just have to pick five. But I am a strong black woman and I am vigilant af and I finally got it done.

5. Gerard Butler

I fell in love with Gerard Butler in “Law Abiding Citizen” then watched him on some really romantic stuff like “The Ugly Truth”and “The Bounty Hunter”. He even made me cry on “P.S: I Love You”. I don’t need to justify Gerard to anyone. It’s the accent and the eyes and the dad bod. Ndigqibile.

source: justjared.com

4. Alec Baldwin

I mentioned dad bods earlier to kind of ease you into my thing with Alec. I know he’s 62 and whatever but have you seen the eyes on that man? And his voice? Have you heard that? I also think he’s really hilarious without trying too hard. And that lands him on number four.

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3. S.K Khoza

Guys!!! Sithembiso Khoza is possibly the most attractive man on African television right now. It’s not just the way he looks, it’s the way he sounds, the way he walks and I can bet my bottom dollar that he smells amazing. He is also insanely talented, and I think people overlook that because they just see him as Shaka Khoza from The Queen. But his work on other projects is so much more impressive.

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2. Jeremy Pope

If you didn’t watch Hollywood, please do. If you did watch it and didn’t fall in love with Jeremy Pope who played Archie…please get off my site this instant. I’m not kidding, go! I don’t know if I fell for his piercing eyes or his abs or how honestly he played that role, all I know is I’m in love and  may move to the States to find him.

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1.  Luthuli Dlamini

This one may need to be explained. But I already did that. There’s something about men who are a little older that just speaks to me. Also have you heard this man talking? Exactly guys! Not my fault. Luthuli Dlamini carries himself with such charisma and he manages to steal scenes even when he plays really small roles. If anybody knows how I can get to him, let a sister know.

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So I just spent the last couple of minutes objectifying people’s sons (and fathers) for no reason at all. But let me know who is on your celebrity crush list.