I’m sorry I’ve been away, I’ve been spread a little thin and I would rather not say anything to you than give you posts that are half hearted and half baked. You deserve better.

Anyhu, in the midst of my being busy, I produced a podcast which you can listen to here or watch here and let me know what you think. Because it ”s keeping me so busy, I realise even my social life has taken a knock. Social life taking a knock means love life being non existent so I got to thinking…

Wouldn’t it be cool if someone arranged a marriage for me? Then I would go from single then straight to Mrs Husband in a matter of two days. (Tredgold opens on Friday for marriage and yes, I just know that). A friend of mine asked me “why would you even want an arranged marriage? “

My response was ” Why wouldn’t you?”. Everything is already there, all you gotta do is show up. Literally, just be there and the rest is done. Then little Miss “I cHoOse mY OwN BoYFriEnDs” talks to me about how the power of being a woman is the ability to choose. Really? You sure about that? You’ve been choosing all along, where has that gotten you Agnes?

This is how you look Agnes🙄

I’ve come to the realisation that I suck at choosing. Choosing most things actually. So if there is a long lost aunt somewhere who wants to set me up with her long lost friend’s son, I’m totally down for it.

And I’m not looking for a “go on a date”setup. Guys, I’m talking about a full on marriage. I just want to walk in and find everything ready for me because I’m tayad guys. I legit don’t have the energy to find out favourite colours and pretend to like people’s spoilt nephews anymore. Sis is exhausted. I’d honestly rather get into this arrangement with someone and deal with favourite colours and what not with the guarantee that I will never ever have to go through it again. Like one last final run.

Give me this over meeting a hundred more people who I won’t even remember a little ways down the road. Even if these one hundred people come with the guarantee of my absolute soulmate at the end…keep all 101 of them. I am tired. Nothing is worth this.

So if you are male and gainfully employed and currently reading this…think about it. And when you have, and you see that I’m actually making a lot of sense, let’s meet at Tredgold Building on Friday. It’s still an arranged marriage, we just get to arrange it ourselves.