I posted this about a year ago and I still feel as strongly about it now as I did then. The original post is right here but you can still read it below.

If you ever get time, please Google a poet named Blythe Baird. I think she’s revolutionary, her chapbook, “If my body could speak” is just…it’s amazing, mostly coz it’s so relatable, at least to me.
So anyway, my body and I have this thing, this love-hate-ish thing going on for us. I’m not sure we really like each other but we’ve been stuck together for 24 years and how do you walk out of a quarter of a century?
We’re like that couple that should be divorced but aren’t because like I said, it’s been 24 years and what will the neighbours think?
It’s an interesting dynamic, I want my body to stay a size 32, it says “ok just as long as you stay off the sugar”
I don’t. Cake fairy is just a hundred metres away from my work and I’m only human.
So I pile on the sugar and my body retaliates by piling on the kilos, not the cute kilos that go to your butt or your thighs, no my body piles on belly kilos
I retaliate by going to the gym one day and overdoing the whole thing
My body retaliates by hurting for the next three days
I retaliate by putting ice on my giant belly because YouTube says ice packs burn fat
My body fights back by getting frostbite on the very spot where I had put the ice
My comeback is green tea, I drink it religiously
My body let’s the green tea give me a running yummy
I resort to an intermittent fast
My body can’t take it. It goes hungry within two hours.
It’s a battle. I want my body to listen to me, it chooses to listen to Science-naturally.
Why do my body and I even have to go through all this?
That’s right, I want to lose weight. I want my body to shrink itself, saying that out loud, I realise why it’s so reluctant to work with me.
I want to lose weight, I want to lose weight…why do I want to?
I don’t know.
I know I should want to lose weight. I know I’m expected to want to look a certain way. I know I’m supposed to have a problem with the way I look, so that everybody else feels better about having a problem with the way I look.
So I get it. I’ll pile on the ice, I’ll fast, I’ll take green tea, ginger, cucumbers,honey, banting-everything. Some of it will work, most of it won’t but I just hope my body understands. So in the words of Blythe Baird…”body forgive me”