I am what some people would call “book smart”. I mean I’m the kid whose hand is always the first to go up, I ask questions and by my own  admission, I’m a bit of a smartass. So when I saw a debate on social media last week, I felt personally attacked. The debate was about how “booksmart”people never do well in the outside world. Which is code for “booksmart” people peak in college and “street smart” people proceed to be great at life. I don’t know about that but I know a fair share of booksmart people  who went and made something great of themselves in the same way I know street smart people who went and made something equally as great of themselves. My issue is with these divisions that we have built and encouraged amongst each other as people. Does anyone care really?

It’s the same thing when it comes to girls and their hair. There’s a whole cold war between girls that wear their hair natural and girls that wear weaves. The naturals call the weaves fake, the weaves call the naturals broke. Again who TF cares? I remember I had a conversation with a lady on my contact list who has the most beautiful natural hair and she had this tendency of shaming people who don’t wear their hair natural.  She went on to call said people self-hating and ignorant and I called her out on it because above all, how anyone chooses to look is their choice. She said people who didn’t wear their hair natural were ashamed of their African roots because it was in our tradition to wear our hair natural. (Fake wokeness is a force of nature). Then I asked her why she wore clothing if she was so dedicated to the African cause because look it up Africans are historically a nude people.  I had to explain free will to her. Because ultimately that’s what being human is about free will, choosing what you like without restrictions. Again, it is just hair, nobody cares.

With guys it’s the battle of the light skins and the dark skins. There is too much hate on light skinned guys and the hate is walking around parading as jokes. Or maybe it is jokes-I don’t care really. As long as people are happy with the way that they look, I don’t think it should be anyone else’s place to have an opinion about. Light skin, dark skin, nobody cares. We only care that you are a decent person-honest, kind, true to your word-that’s the stuff that matters.

A similar thing exists with team makeup versus team freshface. There is a constant battle between ladies who wear makeup and those who don’t.  I don’t usually wear makeup but  when I do, I enjoy having it on. As with the natural hair, team no makeup (like myself) tends to shame (unlike myself) team makeup for dolling themselves up. Again, really nobody cares. Wear make up if you will, don’t wear makeup if you wont-the sun is going to come up either way.

Thing is there is already so much that separates us people. From the time that we are born,we automatically fit into one group or another. Boy or girl. Black or White. Christian or Hindi. That’s a lot to keep up with already. But does any of it really matter? Do we really want to add more divisions on basis of whose hair grows longer? Really? Hair. I think we have bigger battles to fight. Battles against crime, against poverty against inequalities in society. Battles that people can resolve regardless of how much or how little makeup they use.