I watched Netflix’s Fatal Affair a couple of days ago and I’m still a little underwhelmed. There are so many turns at which it could have been saved but all of these were neglected and that just makes Fatal Affair a very lazy movie. Shall I count the ways?

The Unoriginal Story

Off the top of my head, here are ten movies that have the exact same story as Fatal Affair. Obsession, My Best Friend, Fatal Lessons: The Good Teacher, The Boy Next Door, Secret Obsession, Possession, Fatal Attraction, When The Bough Breaks, Famous and Fatal, The Roommate. There, ten movies with the exact same storyline. Did we need another one? Absolutely not.

The Lazy Title

Calling that movie “Fatal Affair” is as good as calling Legally Blonde “Elle Woods Gets Her Boyfriend Back”. It could have happened but the bottom line is it did not. Same thing with “Fatal Affair”, calling a once off dinner and a clumsy kiss an affair just makes no sense to me. Not much happened between Nia Long and Omar Epps’ characters to get to a point where we call it an affair.

Lukewarm Characters

I tried guys but that movie didn’t even captivate me enough to make me want to learn the characters’names. Not a single one of them. I didn’t learn their names because I didn’t care about them. And I didn’t care about them because they gave me nothing to care about. I like a character that I can root for because they have an interesting personality or a tragic past or…just anything to humanise them to me. What Fatal Affair had was a bunch of Talking Heads just punching lines with no real human tendencies.

No Chemistry between Characters

I get that Nia’s character and her husband were going through a tough time but there was also no reason for them to be that uptight around each other. Nothing about them said, “I have known this person for twenty years and have a child with them”. It was just like two strangers were thrown in the room together and told “Action”. But this isn’t entirely the actors’ fault. I noticed the film kind of relied majorly on tight shots so only at very few points did you see both performers in the same shot. It didn’t work for the movie. Coz it made the characters feel isolated from each other.

The little impracticalities 🙄

Listen, whenever I watch something and I start wondering if any of the characters’action are believable, then I know they’ve lost me. Once your actions are more ridiculous than my suspension of disbelief then its game over. First there was the thing with Omar Epps’character ( remember we don’t care enough to learn names) dating Nia’s character’s friend. Come on now. If you were dating someone new, wouldn’t you tell your friends just as you start talking? Wouldn’t you show your friend pictures? Would you wait until it’s serious then bring the same guy to your friend’s house. Hayi guys let’s be serious.

Another inconsistency was the thing with the police officer. Nia’s character called the cops and told them there was a potential hostage situation involving at least four people including the perp. How was the next logical step by the police to send one police officer. That police officer much like the other kid who died were just killed for shock value. I hate when people are killed off for dramatic effect. Kill with reason. Make it matter. Make character deaths count for something.

The Real Problem Wasn’t Fixed

Remember at the beginning of the film, Nia’s character and her husband were at a stale place in their marriage. At the end, they moved out of their new home. However, that gave the impression that that house was the problem, it wasn’t. The marriage was the problem. And how the husband was so forgiving of the situation that his wife put them in was not believable. I would have wanted to see a confrontation between wife and husband. The kind of confrontation that would make them address the issues in the marriage. I would have wanted this confrontation to happen smack in the middle of the drama, while they are trying to flee from this guy who is trying to kill them. Just one killer scene like that could have saved the whole film.

Overall, Fatal Affair didn’t do it for me. And I’m only arguing from a story point of view. Don’t get me started on the awkward editing and the very unnecessary montage and the misplaced cutaways…too much was going on. But again, I think this film could have been saved if people had applied themselves. I think it was rushed over and the end result was what we saw😔.

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