So we all have that one person…the person we love to hate. It could be a parent who never appreciated you enough, a sibling you never got along with, a friend you only stayed friends with because you shared friends, or a potential paramour (Lord knows I’m watching too much How I Met Your Mother) who never got to be the One because you just couldn’t get it right. I have that one person too, a would-have-been-paramour that we’ll call Specimen-Z (because honestly I cannot afford the defense attorney for the defamation lawsuit that would follow if I published a name).

The thing with all Specimen-Zs is this…they’re pretty hard to let go of. We stick around for our Specimen-Z, not necessarily because we love them, but mostly because we’re so used to having them around(comfort makes us such passive creatures). So we put up with the worst kind of behaviors and when we finally cut ties with our Specimen-Zs , we get frustrated, we cry, we rend our clothes, we curse the heavens…because at the end of it all, we have one question at the back of our minds WHAT WAS THE POINT. Because we’re thinking of all the time and emotion and whatever else we invested into our Specimen, and none of it was worth it, right?

Wrong. See there’s a lot to learn from your Specimen-Z.
1. Your Specimen tests your patience, and trust me you have never been more patient. Remember the many hours you put into your specimen, admit it, you’ve never put that much time or effort into anything else. Your Specimen taught you PATIENCE.

2.Your Specimen showed you just how much you can put up with. Think of the many stunts that your Specimen pulled, and how many time you resisted the urge to punch them in the face. You learnt TOLERANCE.

3. You also learned something about yourself. You learned that you could do almost anything for the people you care about. There’s a word for that, LONGSUFFERING, I think.

4. And the biggest lesson from your Specimen…THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER, you’ve gone to lengths for your Specimen and you hit an all-time-low for this person, see, the worst is over.

So that’s it, four great lessons from your Specimen.The thing with the Specimen-Z  is this… they may not be the best person to have around, but they are by far one of the best people we have ever had