I was just going through my blog today and I realised that I have a Top 5 list tab up there and I haven’t posted anything that remotely looks like a list so I’m making a commitment that I will post a list as often as I can. So lets start with my top five movies.

5. Someone Great
I love Gina Rodriguez, I love Brittany Snow and I absolutely love a brutally honest breakup movie. Its about Jenny who is reeling from a break up and plans one last turn up with her best friends before she leaves town. What I enjoyed most about it is that it didn’t have some sappy getting back together storyline, it was about the brutal, painful honesty of a breakup and breakups suck.

4. American Son
Maybe my bias towards American Son is because I love theatre. American Son, originally a stage play is about two parents stuck at the police station waiting for their mixed race so to be released by the police. As they wait, they explore what it means to be a black woman and a white man raising an African American son. It’s raw, it’s honest, it’s all shot in one location and has a maximum of four characters.

3. Ingrid Goes West
Aubrey Plaza in a dramatic role is the cinematic gift we never knew we needed. Ingrid goes West is about a young woman, living with a mental disorder. She develops an obsession for another young woman who she sees on Instagram. She manipulates an friendship with her, realising that the young woman’s life is not as glamorous as it looks. This film tackles mental illness honestly.

2. Marriage Story
The fact that marriage story is actually abut a divorce is the kind of irony I live for. Secondly, all those Oscar nominated performances are totally worth it. The dialog is great in a way that only Noah Baumbach can be great. Ultimately it’s a heartbreaking story told so beautifully and that image of Adam Driver weeping on the floor will not leave my mind anytime soon.

  1. Titanic
    This will forever be the greatest movie of all time and I don’t care what anyone says. I first watched Titanic when I was five or six and it still makes me cry today. I don’t need to justify the magic that James Cameron did with Titanic.