Music is part of our everyday. The following are my top five albums of all time.

5. Recovery-Eminem
Eminem’s recovery is a an album about redemption. Picking yourself up after the mess that you’ve made and realising, I can do better. “Talking to Myself” documents the loneliness of the road to recovery. Spacebound talks about trying to act right in the middle of a codependent relationship and Eminem will always in my opinion one of the greatest lyricists of our time.
Favourite song on the album: Love The Way You Lie.
Favourite Lyric on the album: “And I would’ve done anything for you
To show you how much I adored you
But it’s over now, It’s too late to save our love
Just promise me you’ll think of me
Every time you look up in the sky and see a star”

4. Back To Black-Amy Winehouse
RIP Amy. Back to Black, much like Recovery is an album in search of a way out of addiction. While people might think this was a reference to a struggle with drugs, it was more of a struggle of breaking her addiction with a toxic relationship. Songs like Back to Black show her as the victim in the relationship while “You Know I’m No Good”talks about her sabotaging her own relationship while “Tears Dry on Their Own” shows two people in a relationship they shouldn’t be in, much to their mutual detriment.
Favourite song in the album: Tears Dry On Their Own
Favourite Lyric in the album: “Self-professed profound
Till the chips were down
Know you’re a gambling man
Love is a losing handThough I battled blind
Love is a fate resigned”
– Love is a Losing Game

3. Isina Muva-Sjava
Sjava is hands down one of the most talented artists Africa has to offer. Mostly because his music is so honest, there is no superficiality to it. It’s raw, its honest, there’s no bs about it. What I also appreciate is how loaded the album is. “Before”talks about a love that’s turning sour, “Uthando” talks about the hardships of finding love, “Baba”addresses parental issues. It’s really loaded, there’s something for every emotions.
Favourite song in the album: Uthando
Favourite Lyric in the album: “Indlel’ engimkhumbule ngayo
Ngizwe ngathi ngiyasangan’ ekhanda
Bayajabula abakubonayo laph’ ukhona sthandwa samHayi akubona ubuhle bomuntu lobu
Uphuphuzel’ uboy’ ebsweni
Sithi unyathela ngabantwana
Angisakhulumi ngamehlo ngathi yongelosiAwu shon’ amalanga, shona malanga
Mina ngiyobon’ udali
” -Amafu

2. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom-Halsey
I think Halsey is very underrated. She has a very distinct sound, very original, very controlled. It’s alike the go to album for anybody going through the motions about anything. Emo girl 101 lol. Halsey gets me y’all. “Hopeless”reminisces about a dead romance, “Sorry” is about regrets about never being able to commit, “Alone” is about loneliness. “Angel on Fire” is about the lost self. Again, there’s something for everyone.
Favourite song in album: Hopeless
Favourite Lyric:“Cause you know the truth hurts
But secrets kill
Can’t help thinkin’ that I love it still
Still here, there must be something real’Cause you know the good die young
But so did this
And so it must be better than I think it is”

  1. The Truth About Love- P!NK
    Pink is my favourite artist of all time and it literally breaks my heart that I had to pick just one album to put on this list. But if I had to choose, which I eventually did was pick The Truth About Love. The album is about exactly that-the truth about love. It’s not all rosy, love is messy. And that’s what the album is about. Its about looking for definitions in “Are we all we are” and challenging dating double standards in “Slut like you”and feeling abandoned in “Chaos and Piss”.
    Favourite Song on the Album: Chaos and Piss
    Favourite Lyric on the album: “There are times I feel the shivering cold,It only happens when I’m on my own,That’s how you tell me, I’m not aloneCould you beam me up,Give me a minute, I don’t know what I’d say in it. I’d Probably just stare, happy just to be there, holding your face”- Beam Me Up