It’s been a couple of years since Vampire Diaries ended and I made my peace with that. But then there has been whisper about Elena Gilbert making an appearance on the third season of Legacies and that is the kind of thing that will make me fight men and women alike. I do not want to see that woman on my screen ever again. (I love Nina Dobrev but Elena Gilbert was just insufferable).

The love triangle didn’t sit well with me

I get it. Dramatic stakes and whatever but how she just moved from Stefan to Damon like that without even so much as an episode in between was just ridiculous. Sure they both loved her and she was aware of that but knowing the complex history between the two, she could have just sat that one out. Also she was 17 and those guys were both over a hundred years old so…


I never got her appeal

I never understood how literally everyone in the story was willing to sacrifice themselves for Elena. What was it? Was she beautiful? Yes but so was everybody else in the story. She wasn’t particularly nice, or kind and in all 8 seasons, the most fun she had was ride at the back of a motorbike with Stefan. So what exactly was it?

I hated how she made everything about herself

There’s a point in season 5 I think where Damon has to crush into the grill so that they kill the travellers ( yeah that show got weird towards the end). Elena just decided she would him on the suicide mission even though she knew it would take a lot of Bonnie’s strength to bring her back from the dead. Also Bonnie couldn’t bring Damon back from the dead because she had to bring Elena back.

Her delusions

Remember when Stefan was in reaper mode and Elena though she could stop his bloodlust just because he loved her? 😂😂 Like sure, this guy has been killing people for fun and you think he will stop because you love him?

She was just so whiney

I get it. She caught a number of tough breaks but so did Jeremy, so did Bonnie, so did Caroline. Where did she get off basing her entire personality on the fact that her parents died? I get a character crying because something tragic has happened. But you become synonymous with sadness and gloom, I just don’t want to watch you anymore.

The lack of accountability

Remember when she turned off her humanity and just went on a downward spiral. She killed an innocent waitress at some point, stole from Caroline and tried to kill Bonnie? Then she got her humanity back and none of her actions were ever addressed?

Like I said, Nina Dobrev is a great actress. Her transition from Elena to Katherine to Amara to Tatia and back was always amazing but give me Katherine Pierce over any of these. Katherine was interesting to watch. Elena just felt like a trope to me. The doe eyed orphaned girl next door. And the sad part is she did not grow at all throughout the entire eight seasons.