When I was a kid, I had this vivid image of what God looked like. He was a big guy, with huge hands and an oddly long beard. And despite being so terrifyingly big, He wasn’t scary. He had a warm huge smile on His face. Big but not scary, kinda like that uncle in the army that we all have. That’s how God was to me. And whenever I stole candy or said a bad word (back when “stupid” was a bad word), His giant face would crease into a frown, then I would feel rotten for all of twenty minutes, then all in the world would be alright again.

Well I’m older now, and there aren’t any big guys frowning in my head anymore, but the concept is still the same, I still know right from wrong. Which kinda leads me to believe that perhaps that which we call God lives in us. Don’t get me wrong, of course God is in heaven. He is the same God who “created heaven and the earth and the sea and all that in them is”, that’s Exodus 20, I think(yes, I went to a Presbyterian Mission School, I know the ten commandments and the catechism off the top of my head) but maybe the best part of God isn’t in heaven, maybe the best part of God lives in each of us.

You know, the tiny voice in your heart that almost always saves you from yourself. Maybe each of us carries a piece of God with us. And that piece keeps us from pulling some really stupid (it’s not a bad word anymore) stunts. So the next time your “conscience” tells you something…it’s not so much the “small me” talking, but rather the big Guy.

See, I’ve heard people say that they can’t turn to God because they’ve done so much bad stuff. But I think the fact that you know you’re doing something wrong…that’s God already talking to you. So if I could put the last 300 plus words into one sentence, I think it’d be something like this; “Everyone’s redeemable, coz guess what? God’s already in you”