I had a thing sometime last week. A thing which required me to make an impression. Things like that make me freak out-majorly freak out, I start talking too much or not at all, then I giggle then I can’t breathe then I’m on the verge of tears. I may or may not have cried a little while Musa took me to the place. I am a messbox basically.

So when the time for the thing came by, I sent my mother a picture of my freak out face, I think if you look at that picture there are traces of sweat of my forehead (making an impression matters to me, Agnes). My mum’s response to my freak out face was classic. This is what she texted back:

Remember your life doesn’t depend on it so…chill. If it’s yours, it will be, if not, we look elsewhere

I would have added a screenshot of the conversation but she said a whole lot of inappropriate stuff after that-something to the effect of I shouldn’t soil myself while at the thing. The thing did happen and it went great-greater than I could have imagined and I am happy with how things went. Thank you very much.

Anyway, mum’s point was that the worst thing that I could get out of that thing was a “no” and they are way worse things on the planet than being told no. It’s very easy to drive yourself insane over something that may or may not happen. Your own expectations kill you, expectations from other people kill you, you start to question your self esteem…it does a number on you. But in my mother’s wise words…your life does not depend on it.

Whether or not, you get what you want or go where you want to or you ace that interview or you lose that scholarship or you meet your bae’s family and they absolutely hate you…the good news is the sun is going to come up anyway.

I am not saying be hakuna matata about it (I have serious problems with Timon and Pumba’s lifestyle choices). I am saying everyday you get up, you do your best and invest your best self into whatever you do. How the rest of the rest of the world perceives it is out of your control. If they take it well, great and if they don’t, remember that your life doesn’t depend on it. You still have options, you have other avenues to explore, you still have tomorrow and you can always do better.